Photo Filters and Adapters

Manfrotto has developed a wide range of camera filters and innovative adapters that fully meet the quality standards required by professional photographers. The Manfrotto offering includes UV, CPL, Protect, ND filters and the Manfrotto XUME adapters, which are quick-release magnetic adapters that allow photographers to safely lock filters to their lenses, quickly and with great precision, exactly as and when they need it.
Each Manfrotto filter is developed with the highest level of precision, so it makes the specific difference photographers are looking for. The elaborate multi-coating process effectively minimizes reflections and maximizes light transmission, consistently delivering remarkable optical quality. The filters’ anti-reflectiveness capacity increases proportionally to the increase in the number of layers of coating. The UV filter blocks out UV light, preventing it from entering the lens, reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting.
The Circular Polariser is the ideal filter for increasing contrast and saturation while maintaining sharpness and colour balance in the picture. ND filters are great tools for reducing the amount of light hitting the camera sensor without altering the colour of the scene. They are used in a variety of situations: for example, in low shutter speed photography, to convey a sense of motion of moving objects through long exposures.
Protective filters are the ultimate choice for photographers looking for maximum protection against scratches, grease and moisture, without affecting overall image quality in any way. Last but not least, Manfrotto XUME adapters, precision-machined adapters with patented design that work perfectly with any filter. Now photographers and videographers can change filters instantly, without cross-threading and without the frustration of losing the moment. Each filter is provided with a re-usable storage case, which ensures the highest level of protection off-camera. This enables photographers to easily store and conveniently carry their filter when they are on the move.

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